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What's New?

09/03/16 - Changed the OCTOBER FUNFLY to October 29th

06/03/16 - Changed the JULY INDOOR FUNFLY to June 30th

01/16/16 - Updated the Events page with the 2016 events.

01/08/16 - Changed the 2016 PLANNING MEETING to January 16th

08/11/15 - Changed the Make-and-Take to August 22nd on the Events page.

06/11/15 - Added Texas City Kite Festival (July 25th) on the Events page.

02/05/15 - Updated the Sugarland (07MAR) and Zilker (01MAR) dates on the Events page.

01/17/15 - Updated the Events page with the 2015 events.

07/26/14 - Updated the Events page with the Hawk12 plan for the August Make-and-Take.

06/17/14 - Updated the July FunFly location - Whispering Pines Baptist Church in Conroe

05/22/14 - Added 01NOV fun fly at Surfside!

05/16/14 - The May funfly has changed - it's now at Sylvan Beach.

01/19/14 - Updated the Events page with the 2014 SCHEDULE OF EVENTS

01/21/13 - Updated the 02/23 event for Pasadena Kites and Fishing.

01/20/13 - Updated the Events page with the 2013 SCHEDULE OF EVENTS

01/03/13 - Added the 2013 PLANNING MEETING (Jason's Deli in Baytown @ 5:00 PM)

09/10/12 - The September funfly has changed - it's now at Sylvan Beach.

07/18/12 - The July funfly has changed again - it's now at Sylvan Beach.

07/09/12 - The July funfly has been changed - it is now at El Franco Lee Park .

01/12/12 - Updated the Events page with the 2012 SCHEDULE OF EVENTS

07/1/11 - The August Make-and-Take plan can be found here!


06/17/11 - June funfly is now at Sylvan Beach.

01/18/11 - Updated the Events page with the 2011 SCHEDULE OF EVENTS

01/08/11 - Changed the 2011 PLANNING MEETING to start at 5:00 PM

11/25/10 - CHANGED THE NOV 2010 Fun Fly to 11/27 !

09/20/10 - CHANGED THE OCT 2010 Fun Fly to 10/09 !

08/23/10 - Added a page for the SHARK Banners and Flags

08/22/10 - Added a time lapse video of 'Banner Building at Barry's' to the Video's page (Thanks Mike)

08/17/10 - Changed the SHARK logo - Thanks Barry!

04/10/10 - Added Family Kite festival at Seaborne creek Park in Rosenberg on April 18

03/18/10 - Confirmed the date for Audry's Day Down Syndrome Fun Fly - 12JUN

01/17/10 - Updated the Events page with the 2010 SCHEDULE OF EVENTS

08/06/09 - Updated the Events page WITH THE CORRECTED LOCATION for the "Make & Take" (and also a link to the MailBoxKite)

05/04/09 - Updated the Events page WITH THE CORRECTED DATE for Audrey's Beach Day and Kite Fun Fly Rockport Beach Park

02/16/09 - Updated the Events page

01/24/09 - Updated the 2009 Events!

======> See Kathy Nixie's Kite Flyers ===> COM <===> Galveston <=== Kite Building with Kathy

12/24/08 - Starting to add 2009 Events!

07/20/08 - Added the 11OCT date - Bayoufest at Highland Bayou Park.

07/15/08 - Added new maps to flying fields: Bayou Park, Eldridge, and the one off 35 South (I forget the name)

07/06/08 - Correction: The July Fighter Kite Build will be at the Sweet Mesquite on Dairy Ashford (not Woodway)

07/22/08 - Added permalink at the top of this page to the local flying fields.

03/04/08 - Added "Audrey's Day at the Beach" event

03/04/08 - Revised all web pages - they should now have a white background. If you find any pages with a gray background, please let me know. Thanks.

03/04/08 - Added links to 2 AKA Fighter kite-related publications on the Links page.

01/20/08 - UPDATED CALENDAR FOR 2008!

01/08/08 - NEW CALENDAR FOR 2008!

10/21/07 - Added Video's page (Thanks Brian!)

09/10/07 - Added links to Brian's kitebuilding webpage and Barry's picture webpage

06/03/07 - Added Audrey's Day at the Beach - Rockport

03/31/07 - 6th Annual SHARK Fighter Kite Classic - postponed to 4/21 (and a venue change)!

03/22/07 - A couple of event updates - LifeNet is canceled, College of the Mainland is on 28APR from 10-2

02/18/07 - The Woodlands Kite Fest event has been canceled.

02/10/07 - Added the Woodlands Kite Festival on April 7

02/09/07 - Changed locations for April and May - added Atkinson Kite Fly on 4/21!

02/08/07 - I've (finally) updated the events calendar!

01/10/07 - NEW CALENDAR FOR 2007!

10/12/06 - Added a link to Kathy Nixie's TeacherKiteKit website

10/09/06 - Added a map to Ray Miller Park - That's where the 10/21/06 FunFly is !!!

08/08/06 - Added a WikiMapia Map to East Beach, SLP, Burke Crenshaw, Sylvan Rodriguez, and Sylvan Beach.

07/28/06 - July Fun Fly date has changed! August FunFly location and purpose have changed!

01/21/06 - The EVENTS page has been updated with this year's locations!

11/29/05 - December FUN FLY has been changed to Sylvan Beach

10/27/05 - Topica is gone - KITESHARK Yahoo Group is in!

10/12/05 - THIS WEEKEND's FUN FLY IS AT STEWART BEACH - at the end of the seawall in Galveston


08/19/05 Why, it's Cap't Rick! (are you thinking about buying one?)

01/16/05 Updated the Events page with the 2005 events, and renewed the domain name (until 2009)!

12/6/04 Updated Events page and added a map to Hutsell Elementary

12/2/04 Added map for Sweet Mesquite, added new linked map for SLP.

9/25/04 Added Charlie (our newest member), Casper, Robbie, and NPWBill webpages

9/4/04 Changed the MEMBERSHIP page to reflect that we're not a 'dues-paying' club anymore. I also changed the Membership Application to be an "Information Sharing" form.

8/5/04 Added a link to Christian Derefat ('Fusion' kites) (and redid the general layout of the Links page)

6/19/04 Changed the remainder of the EVENT locations for this year. Added a link to Colors on the Wind

6/11/04 Added pictures of Cap'n Rick at Junction, added link to E-Kites

6/8/04 Dancing Boxes Plan Link (right-click to D/L the MS-Word Document)

5/4/04 Updated Events page with the Hutsell Kite Night - are you happy Laura?

3/19/04 Updated Events page, UPDATED THE BY-LAWS!

2/14/04 Updated Events page (removed all previous months activities - now shows only 2004 events)

9/11/03 Updated Events page

09/01/03 Added the 08/03 meeting minutes

08/08/03 Updated By-Laws! Approved/ratified on 8/2/03.

07/21/03 Changed web hosts/Eddresses, added Fun Fly LOCATIONS to the Events page

07/17/03 Updated Events page for July Fun Fly, Added pictures from Sylvan Beach 7/4/03

06/10/03 Updated the EVENTS Page for the June Fun Fly

05/16/03 Added FLYING FIELDS link to the Events page

04/30/03 Updated the EVENTS Page for the May Fun Fly

04/26/03 Added photos from the Kite Making festival at Texas City

04/24/03 Added a GYPSY page - only accessible HERE.

04/24/03 Added a few photo pages of Revs playing in the water, Steve buggying, DBBB (2002), and from Mae Smythe (2002).

04/23/03 Added a couple of pictures to the Photos page of Dave

03/26/03 Updated the Mae Smythe event date to 4/15/03!

03/09/03 Added links to Troy's sites, added FS-2001 photo.

02/20/03 Updated the events page.

01/29/03 Added a link and revised the text in a few places.

01/27/03 Added revised SHARK Membership Form

01/24/03 Well, the whole site is new! Click on a link to take you to where you want to go.

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